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4FXO Ports VoIP Gateway (DAG1000-4O)
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Product Description

16 FXS Gateway DAG2000-16S is a next generation VoIP FXS gateway that is SIP based and interoperable with leading IP-PBX and Softswitch systems. It features 16 telephone ports, superb voice quality, rich telephone functionalities, easy provisioning, flexible dialing plans, PSTN failover line, and dual routed or switched network ports. 
The DAG2000-16S gateway series enables small and medium businesses to create integrated IP and PSTN telephone systems and efficiently manage communication costs. 

16FXS ports with RJ11 
2*10M/100Mbps network ports 
Supports voice codecs: G. 711, G723.1, G. 729 A/B 
T. 38 or G. 711 bypass 
Ideal IP enabler for analog phones, faxes and legacy PBX system 
VAD(voice activity detection) with CNG (comfort noise generation)and PLC (packet loss concealment), Dynamic Jitter Buffer L2/L3 QoS 
Web/Telnet configuration, Auto Provisioning, PPPoE, DHCP Client/Server 
Support Polarity Reversal 
Call hold, Call waiting, Call forward, Do not disturb, Direct IP calling, Blind transfer, Attended transfer 
G. 168 Echo Cancellation 

1/2FXS/4FXS/4FXO, 8FXS/8FXO, 16FXS/16FXO multiple interfaces 
Standard SIP V2.0, MGCP V1.0 protocols 
Standard G. 711A/U, G. 723.1, G. 729A/B, G. 168, PCM A/U code 
Call forwarding, Call hold, Caller ID, DND standard voice service 
Busy tone, Power-down protection, Fault identification 
Many users sharing ADSL lines 

PSTN Interface FXS/FXO 
Network Interface DAG1000(4FXS/FXO): 3LAN, 1WAN 
DAG1000(8FXS/FXO): 3LAN, 1WAN 
DAG2000(16FXS/FXO): 4LAN 

MGCP MGCP V1.0, RFC2705 
SIP RFC3261 - Session Initiation Protocol 
Voice over Packet 
Capabilities VAD, CNG, DJB and PLC 
Voice Codec G. 711 a-law/μ -law, G. 723.1, G. 729A/B, G. 168 and PCMA/PCMU 
Fax standard T. 38/pass through baud rate: 1.44kbps


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